Church-wide Activies

Church-wide Pot Luck Fellowship

February 4 from 6-8 pm.  Bring your favorite dish and come fellowship with the church!

Activities we’ve done in the past year

Operation Christmas Child


It’s that time of the year again where we think about those less fortunate than ourselves.  We put together shoeboxes for children, but what we don’t always understand is the impact these small boxes can have on children who may have never received a doll or candy or well, anything, for Christmas.  Take a look at this webpage to see some stories about what your small act of loving kindness can do in God’s progress to bring everyone to him.  We will be taking a moment at our November 15 morning service to pray for all the shoeboxes that go out from our church.  Please make an extra effort to be here that Sunday so that your good wishes and hopes for bringing children to Christ as Savior can be added to them all.




Thankfully our annual Trunk-or-Treat Outreach program didn’t get rained out.  We held it but kept the kids in the cars!  Made it a drive-thru extravaganza.  Thanks to all who participated.

“It’s Good to be Part of the Kingdom”




War Room – Support the Christian  Movie Industry that brought us Fireproof and Courageous, with it’s latest movie – War Room.

See the official trailer here.


We held our first Freedom Celebration at the church on June 28, 2015, celebrating the birth of our country and the lives that have gone to preserve the freedoms that our Founding Fathers and God set in place so many years ago.


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